Little Kimberly

First Impressions

Get ready for some amazing blue eyes because Little Kimberly has a stunning pair. She`s a beautiful young blonde chick with an awfully slim and tight body and there are some wonderful shots on the first page of the tour that have me very excited to see what she has to offer. I`m talking about the images of her pussy being fucked hard and her asshole taking dick. This innocent looking young chick is actually an anal slut! How fucking hot does that sound` In fact, there`s very little solo content on the tour as it almost all seems to be hardcore stuff.

Hot Promises

Little Kimberly starts things off by saying that she does so many bad things, which is a really good sign. I like a girl that`s young, beautiful and sexy and that`s willing to do just about anything on camera. This chick seems like one of those people. Promises include anal sex, hundreds HD videos (possibly untrue) and hundreds of high resolution photos (that should probably have read thousands). The rest of the promises are pretty much all hot hardcore stuff as she gets fucked in every hole she has. It looks awesomely hot so let`s go inside.


The site does not maintain the bright design of the tour on the inside. The pastels went well with the general theme of the site ` a young, beautiful and innocent looking girl behaving badly ` and inside it`s a grey background with a largely uninteresting design. The site is part of something called Solo Access, which is basically a group of sites featuring sexy solo models like Litlte Kimberly. The problem appears to be that each model has only done a little bit of content.

For instance, Little Kimberly has 11 picture galleries and 11 videos and by all accounts that`s all she`ll ever do because the site hasn`t been updated in more than two months. It actually hasn`t been updated since it launched. Kimberly is hot and she clearly loves to fuck but it seems likely that she was hired to do a block of content and that`s all we`re going to see from her. That`s a shame but she left us with a small amount of hot action so we can still have a good time with it.

The videos play at 624x352 and 1500kbps. It`s pretty close to DVD quality and a far cry from the high definition video that was promised on the tour. The pictures are high quality at 1600px and there are zip files for the full picture set. The image galleries and videos are listed separately but they provide links between them so if you come across a hot image set that you love you just have to click that handy link and you`ll be watching the video in no time.

The movies have been divided into one minute clips and you can download or steam those with ease. You can also grab the full length clip if you`d like and the download speeds were pretty good. I like how well the Flash player works. There`s a list of all the clips on the right side of the page and with just one click you can fire up any part of the movie you want to see. These are impressive movies too so you`re going to be clicking around like crazy trying to decide which part you want to see the most.

The chief attraction of Little Kimberly is that she does hardcore porn and she does it well. When you first glimpse her you see how tiny she is an how big her blue eyes are and how innocent she looks and you don`t imagine that she`s into hardcore sex. Then you see that she gets totally naughty in hardcore fuck scenes and you realize why it`s worth checking her out. The simple notion of a girl this young and beautiful having such wild hardcore sex is what makes her so special and so attractive.

If there`s one thing that stands out above all the others it`s the anal sex that Little Kimberly engages in. It`s not every woman that can take it up the ass so you would have to count her as unique, without question. She`s obviously been boned back there before and it doesn`t take her long to get loosened up and ready to be opened by a dick. I like it when she`s on her hands and knees and the cock is sliding into her rectum from behind. The camera is right behind her shooting her hot hole as the dick slides into her and that`s what makes great anal sex.

The bonus content is a big part of the site and the only real reason to join, to be honest. 11 scenes from the lovely Little Kimberly is not enough to keep anyone around long term or even spending $30 for the first month`s access. It just doesn`t make much sense (it`s also worth noting that on the join page they check off several other memberships that will end up rebilling you for a ridiculous amount if you don`t uncheck them or cancel them after the free trial). There are nine bonus babes you get to access and each has a small amount of content available for her members.

You end up getting roughly 120 scenes when you join. Most of those have picture galleries as well. You can access a big collection of streaming DVDs but those are leased and available on loads of other sites as well so don`t be too impressed. They look good but streaming kind of sucks. They also have these tiny streaming bonus videos that pop up in a little window and play automatically but those are hardly worth your time because they`re too small.

Croco’s Opinion

Little Kimberly is not a great site. It`s simply lacking in overall content with only 11 scenes available for members and absolutely no signs of any updates to come. Kimberly is hot and she loves to fuck so that makes her sort of special among the solo chicks online. However, she needs to have done more for us to keep us happy and she didn`t. We want more content and she didn`t bring it. There`s a picture gallery and a video for each scene and Kimberly gets fucked in most of them, including some anal action. I love watching her take it up the ass. The videos aren`t HD but they look good. The pictures are high resolution at 1600px. Ultimately this is a fairly small collection of content even when you include all the bonus stuff. It`s worth a month if you like Kimberly and would want to see other chicks like her.


The site is easy to use but the design is awfully bland. The streaming bonus DVDs are well implemented.

Pricing Policy

The site is $29.95 every 30 days.

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